Reema Sen as Durga, is a Hindu Bengali girl who serves as a maid. Sardar Khan charms her and makes her his second wife. She is initially coy but shows her real self when Sardar abandons her and her son. In the film's climax, she plays a significant part in Sardar Khan's death.

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about her past although it is known to everyone that she had abondoned her home in bengal and come to bengal ,and finally started working as a house maid in wasseypur.


Durga is seen as a quie and shy woman at first and is hardly seen talking to anyone . She has shyly watched sardar khan in his morning bath and in his courses indicating her curiosity and lust for him.Her childishness and innocent mindset made sardar khan to  fall in love with her

But later hee character is seen developing a rogue sie when sardar khan starts to lean more towards his first wife ,Nagma and her children ,which for a minue moment abandons her  and her child.

She completely shuts Sardar khan off her life when he proposes that she and nagma live together.this made hae snap and she throws him out of her house.

She is desperate in he life and her vulnerability is made to use by Ramadhir singh against Sardar Khan which ultimately causes his death in Gangs of Wasseypur. Ramadhir singh also uses her to persuade her son, Defenite into killing Sardar's son, Faizal khan