Sardar Khan
Manoj Bajpai as Sardar Khan, forms the core of the chronicle. He escapes death as a child while his father Shahid Khan is killed by Yadav on the instructions of Ramadhir Singh. He shaves his head vowing not to grow his hair until he exacts revenge by making Singh endure many silent deaths through humiliation and the fear of being stalked. Sardar is an immoral womaniser, a megalomaniac and a hyper-sexual who ends up marrying two wives (Nagma Khatoon and Durga) besides making regular rounds at the brothels. Outside the house, Sardar is vicious, brutal and merciless towards his enemies but inside the house, he cowers from beatings and runs when he's caught in the brothel by his first wife Nagma. Sardar is crafty and comical, almost a goof-ball.